Ukrainian forces capture Russian medic ‘forced to drive tank’

Ukraine: Russian tanks enter minefield in Vuhledar

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Ukrainian troops have reported capturing a Russian medic who was made to drive a tank during a battle near Vuhledar in southeast Ukraine. Kyiv has claimed a resounding victory in the three-week-long clash, which was allegedly the largest tank battle of the conflict to date.

Russian tankers reportedly made similar errors that have been seen throughout Moscow’s full-scale conflict, which has now lasted over one year, including moving tank columns into Ukrainian ambushes and failing to seize territory.

According to reports, Russia’s tanks have suffered significant damage in Ukraine.

US authorities believe that since late February 2022, Moscow may have lost up to half of its main battle tanks.

According to the open-source intelligence website Oryx, nearly 1,800 Russian vehicles have been damaged, destroyed, taken captive, or abandoned.

Ukraine’s military has achieved several victories against elite Russian tank forces, including the renowned 1st Guards Tank Army, resulting in significant losses for the Russians.

The reported transfer of a Russian medic to a tank demonstrates Moscow’s shortage of skilled troops and their deployment of inexperienced soldiers to the front lines.

According to senior US military officials, Russia’s strategy of sending poorly trained and ill-equipped soldiers to fill gaps in decimated units has been unsuccessful.

They have also resorted to using prisoners and newly mobilized soldiers as cannon fodder. Ukrainian intelligence has indicated that Russia may draft full-time college students into the military within the next few weeks as part of their future mobilization effort.

Russian ammunition depot in eastern Ukraine explodes after reported strike

In Ukraine on Thursday, three people were killed and six others were injured when a Russian missile hit a five-story apartment building in a southeastern city.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said several floors of the building were destroyed in the strike, which occurred while it was still dark.

The State Emergency Service said in an online statement that it had rescued 11 people so far.

Zaporizhzhia is a large city that had a population of more than 700,000 before Russia’s full-scale invasion of its neighbour just over a year ago. It is the administrative capital of the partially occupied Zaporizhzhia region, which is home to Europe’s largest nuclear plant.

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Meanwhile, a fierce battle continued for control of Bakhmut, a key eastern stronghold where Ukrainian officials say they might strategically withdraw.

Ukraine’s General Staff reported that the Russian forces “continue to advance and storm the city,” but Kyiv’s troops repelled some of the attacks on the ruined city. Donetsk regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko reported one person was wounded in Bakhmut on Thursday morning.

Bakhmut was among cities and villages in the Donetsk region that came under Russian shelling, according to the General Staff update.

Taking the city could not only give the Russian forces a rare battlefield gain after months of setbacks but might rupture Ukraine’s supply lines and allow the Kremlin’s forces to press toward other Ukrainian strongholds in Donetsk.

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