Ukraine LIVE: Putin disaster as 200 troops refuse ‘to go to slaughter’ in huge war protest

Ukraine: Boris Johnson rules out deal with Putin

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Russian forces have suffered huge casualties as they have encountered fierce resistance from their Ukrainian counterparts. The Kremlin has avoided imposing a general mobilisation to replenish its front line troops, instead preferring to draft young men from the occupied enclaves of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. However, these conscripts are now physically and mentally exhausted and are starting to refuse to fight. One soldier told the Financial Times: “For three months we lived like bums with submachine guns, and now they want to throw us back into the meat grinder.” The man said that he and more than 200 other soldiers refused “to go to the slaughter”.


Russia loses vital military equipment as a weapons warehouse bursts into mysterious blaze

RUSSIA has lost vital military equipment after a warehouse for battle-damaged repairs mysteriously burst into flames.

Footage released on Telegram, an instant messaging service popular in Ukraine and Russia, has shown a Russian warehouse located 50km away from the Ukrainian border engulfed in flames.

Huge plumes of black smoke are seen billowing from the site in Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast, Russia in mysterious circumstances.

The Russian military warehouse is believed to house scores of vital equipment for the conflict in Ukraine.

The footage depicts two major fires at the warehouse, both parallel to each other.

The smoke is first seen rising above a canopy before a closer shot shows the warehouse ablaze on two fronts.

The site appears abandoned as Russia’s battle-damaged repairs succumb to the scalding fires.

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