Ukraine is never going to get the Crimea back claims former NATO commander

Former NATO commander rules out Crimea returning to Ukraine

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Chris Parry the former Navy officer sat down on LBC Radio to discuss the war in Ukraine and the separatist Russian-occupied states. Mr Parry explained that since the 2014 referendum on Crimea, he believes that people a lot of people living in Crimea want to be a part of Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been waging war on Ukraine for over a month now. The ex-Naval officer then went on to address a demilitarised zone around Ukraine to combat the possibility of future attacks.

Mr Castle said: “They control the area East of Crimea on the coast, they would like the Southern coast entirely.

“It’s impossible to see and look at it from a strategic point of view which is of course your specialty.

“You know it’s very very hard to see these scenes, and we’re just going to accept that Russia are where they are and they’re never going to be sort of moved out.”

Mr Parry said: “Maybe not I think we have to stabilise the situation first.

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Mr Parry added: “I think one thing we do have to accept is that Ukraine is never going to get Crimea back.

“I think just looking at… And I speak Russian if you look at what happened in 2014, Russia ceased the Crimea and they had a referendum and everyone was very sceptical about it.

“But actually I believe a lot of people in Crimea want to be part of Russia.

“And now my question really if I were Ukrainian that is, well if we give you Crimea what’s the deal?

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Mr Parry added: “We want guarantees that you’re not going to come back again, we want demilitarised zone around Ukraine so you know if you build up troops we know you’re coming.

“But actually we need to have a deal here on a grand scale.”

Peace talks have been ongoing for a month now, and there has been no clear sign as to when the fighting will stop and the war will end.

Many political commentators have spoken on how unprepared Putin and his army are.

Sviatoslav Yurash, who is a member of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Servant of the People party

Mr Yurash said: “Putin’s biggest mistake is believing his own propaganda.

“He believed that he would be welcomed in with flowers and that idea he tried to express that Russian and Ukrainian people are one.

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“He’s finding out the hard way and he will find it even harder in the coming days of the war.

“So we shall continue battling with everything we have till the very end.”

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