UK snow forecast: Greenland system to trigger -4C FREEZE – Snow flurries and sleet on way

UK Weather: Met Office forecast temperatures to drop

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On Wednesday morning, weather maps from WXCHARTS quickly turn icy blue as the cold weather front quickly sweeps in across the country. Minimum temperatures are forecast to fall to as low as freezing in Scotland, as well as in the north east and north west of England, and to as low as 3C in southern parts of the country. The mercury will recover throughout the afternoon as minimum temperatures rise to as high as 11C in and around London and the south coast, but barely hitting 2C in southern areas of Scotland.

However, the bitterly cold weather really begins to bite heading into Wednesday evening, with minimum temperatures in some parts of the UK threatening to plummet below freezing in an unwanted start to spring.

The mercury will fall to freezing in large parts of Scotland, and heading from the evening into the early hours of Thursday, the weather map from WXCHARTS quickly turns icy blue, with -1C forecast in a small part of north west England.

Thursday afternoon will remain bitterly cold, with minimum temperatures struggling to break through the freezing barrier and hitting just 5C in parts of southern England.

But the mercury quickly plummets heading into the evening, falling to as low as -2C in some parts of Scotland while during the early hours of Friday and heading into that morning, mush of the UK map from WXCHARTS returns to the dreaded icy blue colour.

Minimum temperatures will nosedive to as low as -4C in areas of northern Scotland and to just -3C in some parts of Wales, while struggling to get above freezing around London and areas of southern England.

While minimum temperatures will warm slightly by just a few degrees throughout the afternoon, much of the weather map from WXCHARTS again turns icy blue, with the mercury plummeting to just -2C in larges swathes of the country.

The early hours of Saturday morning will remain bitterly cold, with minimum temperatures remaining below freezing for most of the country until the early part of the afternoon.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGovern warned of a dramatic change in temperatures during Thursday evening and heading into Friday as “winter bites back”.

He said while presenting the forecaster’s look for the week ahead: “This is a marked cold front and we’re going to see a big temperature difference as cold air spreads across the country during Thursday night and into Friday.

“These blue colours returning, so winter bites back, you could say on Friday, but it is biting back with high pressure across the UK, so it will be a dry day for the vast majority.”

Netweather meteorologist Jo Farrow warned of a cold front from Greenland that will bring showers from the north that will turn wintry and then to snow, with flurries on lower levels and a few centimetres over the Scottish mountains and the top of the Pennines.

These sleet and snow flurries could even reach down to the North York Moors while a bitterly cold wind will being a “distinct chill by day and there will be a widespread frost on Thursday night”.

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She said: “High pressure then builds down from Greenland and a cold front will bring showers from the north which turn wintry and then to snow.

“There will be flurries to lower levels and a few cms over the Scottish mountains and tops of the Pennines.

“The sleet and flurries will reach down to the North York Moors.

“The cold north to NE wind will bring a distinct chill by day and there will be a widespread frost on Thursday night. More settled again by Friday with the high above us. Bright and fair but beware of that cold NE wind.”

BBC Weather presenter Louise Leah warned temperatures could drop to “below where they should be for some at this time of the year”.

She said an area of high pressure will sweep in from Iceland heading into Thursday “with temperatures barely getting into double digits”.

The forecaster said: “The weather as we go through this week is still going to be dominated by areas of high pressure, but where the high pressure tends to sit will have a dramatic impact on the feel of things.

“We started off this week with blue skies, spring sunshine and 15C.

“But as the week progresses, there will be more persistent low cloud and fog which will linger, and the temperatures are going to slowly ease away, perhaps below where they should be for some at this time of the year.

She continued: “Moving out of Wednesday into Thursday, another area of high pressure now starts to build in from Iceland and it is going to drive its way into the northern half of the country through Thursday.

“The wind will change to north-easterly, and push that mild air out of the way.

“Look at the differences of the feel of the weather on Thursday – it is noticeably cooler right across the country, with temperatures barely getting into double digits.

“That high pressure stays with us Thursday into Friday, squeezing the yellow tones back into the near continent, which means the risk of it falling into the cool side during the first week of March continues.

“We could have some low cloud and a bit of a problem with low fog and again those temperatures are disappointing.”

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