Two women cause £21k of damage to Romes iconic steps after e-scooter incident

A woman travelling down the historic Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy has caused tens of thousands of pounds in damage after riding down on an e-scooter.

The incident was filmed by a passer-by, who saw the unidentified women, which Italian authorities have alleged is an American tourist aged 28, hurling herself down the steps on the electric scooter.

It appeared she did so in a fit of frustration, with police eventually catching up to the 28-year-old and an unidentified male companion, who was also seen wheeling down the stairs.

The pair's reckless behaviour saw tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage caused to the iconic steps, which featured in the Audrey Hepburn feature, Roman Holiday.

The holidaymakers were said to have been fined £343 ($430) by police who had viewed further security footage of the incident.

Footage of the couple showed the woman launching the rented e-scooter down the famed steps, causing damages that is said to cost over £20,000 ($26,000) to fix.

The Spanish Steps, one of the most guarded tourist spots in the Italian capital, has been strictly guarded by police, going so far as to ban people from sitting on them since 2018.

Authorities have said that the scooter has cracked two steps of the infamous staircase.

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With damage served to the 16th and 29th steps and chipping damage to various other places on the stairs, Italian media reports say that a four-inch chunk of one of the steps was broken off.

Instead of carrying the vehicle down the steps, the woman instead chose to guide it with her hand and record herself on the steps, with one outlet reported she hurled the scooter down the steps "for sheer amusement" after stopping her recording.

The 28-year-old was fined, as was a 29-year-old American man that was said to have accompanied her, Daily Mail reported.

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