Two men caught in bizarre gunfire exchange on busy street in broad daylight

Shocking footage has emerged showing two men firing shots at each other in a wild gunfight on a pedestrian street.

The scene was caught on street surveillance camera at the corner of 65th Street and Broadway in Sunnyside Gardens of Queens, New York City at around 3.20pm on Tuesday (June 7).

New York Police have identified one of the two suspects and still tracking down the other suspect.

In the video, a man in red and white striped top emerges from a black Audi car when he pulls up in front of the traffic lights right by a diner.

Another man, who has since been identified as 28-year-old Tenzin Norgyal, appears to call him over as he retreats to the back of a dining tent.

Norgyal, according to the police, is a reputed member of the TNT gang and was previously arrested and charged with attempted muder.

He pulls out a gun and waits until the other man approaches.

The pair start exchanging fire in a wild shootout until the driver runs back to his car and heads north on 64th street.

Norgyal was hit in the right shoulder and was admitted to Elmhurst Hospital, where he recovers in a stable condition.

Local authorities are now looking for the second suspect — 5ft 6in tall and weighs around 150lbs with a medium build, medium complexion and short black hair.

Words were exchanged before the clash escalated into violence, police said.

They added that they could not confirm whether the shooting was gang-related despite Norgyal's gang affiliation.

This came after a man was spotted pushing a woman onto railway tracks in a random attack inside a New York subway station.

Police have now arrested a suspect, 30-year-old Theodore Ellis, who claimed he was drunk at the time and "didn't realise his strength".

He has been charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

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