Twins take on extreme nude survival challenge in African wilderness

Two twins took on the South African wilderness in the buff as part of a reality TV challenge.

Amber and Serena Shine, from New Zealand, carried out the adventure for Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel.

They survived for 21 days by themselves along with the camera crew.

They said they were at one point woken by something that "sounded like Godzilla or a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a rampage through the night".

It turned out to be a bull elephant.

Amber added: "We were in horror as we realised it was coming in our direction and we urgently pondered whether to make noise and try to scare it or whether to stay quiet and pray it didn't find us."

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They then made the nerve-shredding decision to stand their ground with their "hearts beating out of our chests".

The animal had a change of heart, reports, but then came back for more.

Amber continued: "We thought we had dodged a bullet until, to our horror, it came at us again from a different direction.

"This time it was much, much worse and we watched in the moon- and firelight as it came closer and closer.

"But to our shock and disbelief, it didn't even check its step! Just grunted and kept coming. It got to within three metres of us and we thought 'this might be it'.

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"It felt as if it could almost reach us if it stretched out its trunk. And we had no protection."

Thankfully, it eventually backed off after responding to it with "grunts and screams".

The twins have long been adventurers and have previously scaled African mountains.

But they said spending 21 days naked in South Africa's Limpopo district has been their toughest challenge yet.

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The show leaves them in the wilderness with no food or water.

Being naked didn't help either. She added: "It was extremely hard trying to survive in Africa in winter with no clothes. Everything was uncomfortable and usually painful.

"Little things like sitting down with your bare bum on hard dirt or gravel, or lying down on super hard ground really get to you after a while."

The series will air later this year.

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