TV baker spooks thousands with Stranger Things cake dubbed stuff of nightmares

A TV baker has spooked thousands of people online with his "realistic" Stranger Things cake which has been dubbed the "stuff of nightmares."

Ben Cullen, also known as the Bake King, has stunned his fans with the Netflix -inspired masterpiece which he shared on Instagram.

The former tattoo artist made the show's latest villain Vecna into a chocolate chip with white chocolate ganache cake.

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His shocked followers said the treat was "absolutely mind-blowing" and said the amount of skill used was "mental."

In response to his optical illusion cake, one person said: "This is a piece of art."

Another commented: "That's almost too scary to eat! Too cool!"

A third added: "He was terrifying in the show and even more terrifying as a cake. Absolutely knocked it out of the park again Ben!"

Ben's other creepy creations include the Terrifier, Pennywise and a life-size Michael Myers.

More than 4000 people praised his Terrifier cake for the "fantastic teeth work" which his followers said was "horrifying."

"So real and scary – amazing work," someone said.

Another added: "Ben his teeth. He's so creepy."

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The talented dad has often left people confused as to whether his creations are real.

One of his cakes was so realistic that his fans thought his newborn daughter, Willow, was edible after he shared a photo of her.

He previously told the Daily Star he is unable to post anything anymore because people often believe he is having them on.

Ben explained: "This is the problem, isn't it?

"I've made a bed for myself now because I can't post anything.

"My Instagram for example…It was my Instagram but now it has been taken over by cakes.

"I used to post pictures of just me with my friends going out on a Friday night and that can't happen anymore because people are staring at it like hang on a minute.

"So apart from cakes, I only post things that are really important to me, like Willow, but loads of people still thought she was a cake!"

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