Tourists warned not to get Hitler injection if they get flu while on holiday

Holidaymakers taking a trip to Egypt have been warned about an over-the-counter medical treatment if they start feeling unwell.

A new injection for the flu has been slammed by local officials, but it is not yet being taken off sale.

It has been called “Hitler's injection”, and contains a cocktail of antibiotic, cortisone and analgesic.

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The combination is thought to be dangerous, but is being given as a quick fix for anyone with flu symptoms.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Egypt said: “Hitler's injection is a type of cold injection that is obtained by citizens inside pharmacies without referring to the specialised doctor or supervisor of the disease.

“This could lead to a sharp drop in the patients condition, blood circulation, cardiac arrest and death.

“The analgesic substance in Hitler's injection makes a cover for the symptoms present in the sick person, and therefore the specialised doctor cannot confront the health crisis.

“The injection is spread in remote villages and popular places, where people who are not pharmacists work in pharmacies, and they cannot make a proper diagnosis, so they give the patient an injection that makes them happy – but . . . in the long run are serious.”

And Dr Mohammed Taj El-Din, who is Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi's personal doctor echoed the warning.

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He said: “The injection known as Hitler's injection is . . . very harmful, and it causes major crises for citizens.”

The name of Hitler's injection is, shockingly, not a nickname.

According to a local media source speaking to Sky News Arabia, the name derives from the feeling that the substance gives the person who has been injected.

They said: “The name came in popular circles out of the patient’s perception that with taking it, the symptoms will disappear and he will recover in a short time, as if it has an unparalleled strength.”

Although why that gives it the name Hitler's injection is still not really clear.

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