Tourists slammed by locals for having barbecues on ‘sacred’ beach

A group of yacht staff have whipped up a storm online when they were caught organising a private party at a "sacred" beach.

Local resident Megan Wong, who lives in Hanalei of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii, encountered the group at Hānakapi’ai beach, who were setting up tables and barbecue sets on Thursday (September 4).

In the video she shared on Facebook, three men and women are seen bringing equipments like torches, chairs and a barbie grill.

She says: "This is illegal, you guys need to pack it up and take it out.

"This is disrespectful and we have already contacted the authority. This is a state park and you need a permit.

“I mean, is this how you guys just travel around the world? You just go set up in places?"

While they are trying to make a phone call, a man answers: "Yeah, we set up places, we give our guests a good time and then we leave.

"That’s how we do it."

“These are sacred places, you don’t just do this,” Megan responds.

The video was re-posted on a community page by Healani Sonoda-Pale, who claim the group arrived at the beach by a yacht.

The man told Megan that they had no GPS and he could "lose his job" if they packed up the catering arrangement.

He questioned her authority, to which she said she is part of the neighbourhood watch that works as "the eyes and ears to watch out for things like this".

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"Even if you have a permit for weddings on the beach, it will be in a certain area but never on the coast and it's not gonna have tables and chairs," Megan adds.

The group eventually start packing up and leave the site.

Dr. Windy McElroy, owner and archaeologist of Keala Pono Archaeological Consulting said in an interview with Hawaii Magazine: "Traditional Hawaiians would have valued the beaches as a place for resource procurement."

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