Topless XR protester tortures herself with hunger strike update

A topless protester who attends climate change rallies in the nude is taunting herself with old Instagram pictures after vowing to stop eating for a week.

Extinction Rebellion protester Laura Amherst, 31, who wanted to "show the danger of fat-shaming", is currently on day two of her strike and said it's already becoming difficult.

Posting an old photo of herself with vegan ice cream, she said: "Considering I’m on day 2 of my hunger strike and I’m starting to feel pretty rubbish, and haven’t shot any new content today, I thought I would torture myself and show you this seriously cute vegan ice cream I had the other day.

"This one was mango, strawberry and passion fruit. It was so nice, can’t wait to eat one again soon!

"Oh btw (by the way), if you haven’t been reminded today, we are still in a climate emergency and governments aren’t doing enough to help and are putting us all in danger. Please don’t shoot the messengers."

She also posted a video message to her Instagram story where she claims to be starting to feel the hunger but is making sure she stays hydrated.

However, she spoke of being more aware of children living in poverty as she has been reading more about kids not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

She said: "I shared a story earlier about how one in three children in the UK are facing poverty and they don't know where their food is going to come from next.

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"If we face a climate emergency these children are going to be the worst affected.

"I know that environmental justice and issues aren't historically the sexiest of things or the coolest or most popular but we really do have to start understanding that these things are important.

"We need to unite together and do everything we can."

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Blonde Laura has gained a huge following for her topless Extinction Rebellion protesting.

The bisexual activist recently revealed she is looking for a "girlfriend".

She wrote on Instagram: "FYI ladies – with my boyfriend, I am open to polyamory with other women, just not men.

"And I don't currently have a girlfriend so… just putting that out there."

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