Three men gored in Pamplona bloodbath before bulls slaughtered by matadors

Three men have been gored by bulls in chaotic scenes from Pamplona, home of the celebrated Bull Run in Spain.

Red Cross worker Jose Aldaba, who was providing first aid at the event, said that one man was gored on the street while two others were injured inside the bullring as the three-minute run was ending.

Photos from the scene show runners being slammed against the bullring’s wooden barriers and one man with a bull’s horn completely penetrating his leg and sticking out the other side.

Hundreds of runners sprinted through the the Spanish city’s narrow cobblestoned streets ahead of six fighting bulls.

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It was the fifth run of the seven-day San Fermín festival, which has become a major international event, with tourists – mainly men – running through the streets with the bulls.

It’s traditional for the runners, or “moss”, to wear white clothes and they frequently add a red neckerchief to symbolise saint Fermín being beheaded.

During the fifth run, three runners fell, and were trampled in the melée, while three others were gored – two 29-year-old Spanish and a 25-year-old from Florida.

Around 200 volunteers man the barriers that line the streets to provide first aid.

The run finishes at Pamplona's bullring, where later in the day the bulls are killed by matadors.

As the bulls die, a night of partying begins, with the thousands of overseas visitors packing out Pamplona’ many bars and restaurants.

Since records began in 1910, fifteen men have died as a result of the Pamplona bull run, the deadliest year being 1947 and 1980, with two fatal goring incidents each.

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The hugely popular event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the first time the festival had been interrupted since the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

In 2019, the last festival before the two-year break, eight people were gored but none fatally. The event is always fatal for the bulls, however.

There is an alternative: The Running of the Nudes, an event involving up to a thousand streakers wearing plastic horns and little else running through Pamplona just a few days before the official bull run, was first organised by PETA in 2002.


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