The most brutal cases of mutilated ‘manhoods’ from ex-MP to cheating husbands

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Shamed former MP Neil Parish revealed this week during a car-crash interview on Lorraine that his wife chased him round the kitchen with a pair of scissors snipping at his privates after “Tractorgate”.

The Tory twit was busted watching porn in the House of Commons but claimed he accidently clicked on the wrong link while looking up tractors on his phone.

Here Kim Carr cuts into the most brutal cases of blokes getting their bits whacked in revenge…

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Crime and punishment

Dating back to the 1800s, castration and manhood mutilation were some of the main male punishments. A man in Lubia, China, had his penis taken off with a shaving knife by his daughter-in-law after he tried to have sex with her.

California screaming

Following a bust-up about a male friend staying at their California home, Catherine Kieu Becker made her husband a meal laced with a dose of sleeping drugs to make him conk out.

When he woke up, he found himself tied to the bed and her holding a 10in knife.

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The ballsy Vietnamese woman then severed his willy and threw it into the garbage disposal, where it was so mashed up it was impossible to reattach.

She was found guilty of carrying out torture and aggravated mayhem – and sentenced to seven years to life behind bars.

Food for thought

Last year a 36-year-old sex attacker in Brazil had his willy and testicles chopped off then fed to wild pigs after trying to rape a 20-year-old relative.

The woman’s boyfriend and cousin beat the uncle until he was knocked out after finding out about the altercation and whacked off his genitals.

The surgeon who treated him at hospital said: “It was like something out of a Dante novel.”

Flushed away!

During a stay at a hostel in Brena in Peru, aggrieved Julia Munoz Huaman cut off her boyfriend Ramon Arias Apaico’s penis for cheating on her.

The member was flushed down the toilet after the 2012 attack.

Road rage

A distressed man was found wandering the A66 in South Bank, Middlesbrough, in 2014 at 4.30am after having his penis chopped off at a travellers’ site.

Kelvin Hewitt, known as Kelly to friends and family, had been covered in blue paint and had a ligature around his neck.

He was put into a medically induced coma for nearly a month then sadly died.

A bloke arrested on suspicion of assault was never charged.

Call the doctor

Scorned wife Feng Lung went the extra mile to show how furious she was after finding out her husband Fan was having an affair.

The philandering fool used her phone to send an email to his bit on the side Zhang Hung in 2015 and forgot to log out of his account.

The Chinese mother of five cut off his penis with scissors while he was asleep, then snuck into the hospital and did it again after the doctor reattached it.

Flinging it out of the window meant the willy was never recovered but Feng was still offered a role in a porn flick and Zhang said: “It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility. He has five children already.”

Cowboy tears

Virginia man John Wayne Bobbitt’s pecker is perhaps the most famous of all to meet the end of a blade.

Wife Lorena said she took a carving knife to his manhood in 1993 while he was asleep in revenge for raping her.

She drove away with the johnson, threw it into a field then called the police.

A search party rescued little John and he went on to star in two porn films, while Lorena was acquitted of assault by reason of insanity.

The couple divorced two years later.

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