Student ‘smuggles’ fluffy cat to school after pet refuses to leave owner’s side

A university student has brought her cat to class when she realised her cat refused to leave her.

Ms Wen, 19, filmed her adorable Munchkin, Ba Dun, sitting quietly in the drawer under the desk while she was having a lesson at a university in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi province.

The clip has since amassed more than 880,000 views on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, showing the fluffy moggie barely fitting in the tiny space.

To Ms Wen's surprise, her grey short-haired feline behaves very well in the classroom and does not appear to make a sound.

In the clip, the curious cat looks around and puts up an adorable face.

The student narrated Ba Dun in the post: "If you pay attention to the teacher, I will behave and stay still in the drawer."

She also explained that she was almost late for school because of her pet.

"He was giving me those looks and cuddles the whole morning and I couldn't bear to leave him at home," Ms Wen added.

"So I took the cat with me and my teacher would come around to pat the cat after school."

Viewers were impressed by the pet and called it a "sweet moment" to watch.

One said: "This is so sweet, especially with his chubby face."

Another wrote: "I want to bring my cat too, it's too cute to watch."

Some wonder if Ba Dun would make a sound when he feels hungry.

Ms Wen replied in the comments: "I will just feed him from there and he won't make a sound.

"If I weren't making notes, Ba Dun is my personal hand warmer."

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