Student had vision blur and muscles go in terrifying alleged spiking incident

A university student has described her frightening ordeal after she experienced blurred vision before her "muscles started to go" in an alleged drink spiking incident.

Elizabeth Everett, 20, believes that she was drugged while she was enjoying a night out with her friends at a club in Warrington on Saturday, October 16.

She claims that the first sign that something wasn't right, was when she was unable to grip her drink after the muscles in her hand suddenly "went".

Elizabeth says she remembers going to the toilets but struggled to move from the stall after her body started to feel fatigued before her condition drastically worsened, reports Liverpool Echo.

She believes that she "would have died" if it wasn't for her friends who put her in the recovery position after she was being "violently sick".

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, the student said: "We went into a club and I went straight into the toilet and I just sat on the toilet and I couldn't get off.

"My vision went dead blurry and my muscles started to go."

The 20-year-old says she was carried out of the toilets by two of her friends.

"As soon as we got out I collapsed and my eyes were rolling back," she said.

"My stomach was still trying to make me be sick and I was jolting."

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Elizabeth described the feeling of being in a "coma" and said he was "in and out of consciousness".

She added: "I could feel people talking to me but my body wouldn't respond.

"I wanted to say something but my body couldn't say anything.

"My muscles went floppy."

The student claims she couldn't remember the taxi ride to the hospital and was put on fluids right away.

Elizabeth said the hospital found increased levels of acid in her blood, high blood pressure and a low pulse rate and was kept in overnight.

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She said the incident has had a lasting impact on her and her memory has been affected.

"I slept for pretty much three days solid," she said. "I was really tired and lethargic and I had full body aches.

"I feel much better than I did a week and half ago, but I used to have a really good memory.

"I can't remember little things now that I do usually remember."

In Merseyside, police said they are aware of a number of spiking incidents in the city centre, five of which specifically relate to injection spiking.

Detectives said that out of the five reports, three currently remain under investigation.

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Superintendent Diane Pownall said: “Liverpool is awarded Purple Flag status every year and is one of the safest cities in the UK. We know that people travel far from far and wide to enjoy what is on offer here and we want that to continue.

“In April we launched our proactive policing response, Operation Empower, where dedicated officers are tasked with identifying potential perpetrators who are displaying signs of predatory behaviour and to disrupt those who present a potential risk.

"Officers are also asked to be aware of anyone who may be vulnerable to ensure any immediate safeguarding concerns are met.

“Every week we also have an additional number of uniformed officers on the streets of the city and I would encourage anyone with any concerns to approach our patrols and speak to them."

Cheshire Police urge anyone who believes they have been a victim or witness to spiking to report the incident on 101.

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