Startled Mia Khalifa woken by screeching fire alarm at posh London hotel

Adult film royalty Mia Khalifa is back in her beloved London, but had a rude awakening when she was jolted from her sleep by a fire alarm at a posh London hotel.

The 30-year-old revealed on her Instagram that she is back in the United Kingdom, showing off her lavish digs in the capital city and branding England "so unserious", asking the question "what do you mean 'The Dilly in Piccadilly?'"

She then went on to share several stories, one of her ranting about a "cosmic debt" that is owed after a man died at Lake Lanier in the US state of Georgia.

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Her next story was something of a raunchy mirror selfie of her naked from the waist down, before she recorded a woman watching the Arsenal vs Manchester United Premier League game on her laptop.

After that she shared a video of herself waking up in the capital, writing "pip pip cheerio c***s".

However, she said her wakeup call was "louder than usual" after a screeching fire alarm at her plush hotel woke her.

She recorded a selfie video where she called reception and asked "is that the doorbell?" as the alarm rung out.

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Last May Khalifa made it clear that she was a huge fan of the capital city, marking her second trip to the country in just a few months by sharing a series of posts to her Instagram story.

One post showed her in a car driving through the streets of London, taking in the buildings with Taylor Swift's track London Boy playing.

The Lebanese-born beauty followed her story up by sharing a post made by user avaavalentine, which pictured the former Pornhub alumni outside of a building in Shepherd's Market.

The story post was captioned "Pip pip, cheerio, b*tchs" accompanied by a Union Jack and English flag.

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