Sipekne’katik First Nation Chief Michael Sack to speak on lobster pound vandalism, moving forward

Sipekne’katik First Nation Chief Michael Sack will address the public at Saulnierville Wharf, N.S., on Sunday at 1 p.m.

The speech can be viewed here.

On Oct. 13, a lobster pound in Middle West Pubnico was swarmed, vandalized and ransacked by a large crowd of non-Indigenous commercial fishers and their supporters.

At the time, the facility was being used by Mi’kmaq fishers. Jason Marr told Global News earlier this week that he and others were forced to take cover inside the lobster pound as the building’s windows were smashed and Marr’s vehicle was damaged, he said.

A separate vehicle outside of a New Edinburgh lobster pound facility on Tuesday was on fire. RCMP said on Sunday they have charged 31-year-old Michael Burton Nickerson from Yarmouth County with arson causing damage to property.

The Middle West Pubnico lobster pound was burned to the ground on Saturday morning. That fire is still under investigation.

Another man was charged in relation to the ongoing violence against Mi’kmaq fishers.

On, Saturday RCMP said they have charged 46-year-old Chris Gerald Melanson of Digby County in relation to the assault of Sack that occurred on Oct. 14 in New Edinburgh, N.S.

Sack released a statement Saturday saying that the fire “illustrates the need for greater police presence in the region … I do believe with the proper police presence, however, this could have been avoided.”

According to Sack, the facility is owned by “a friend and ally of Sipeknek’katik, where one of our community members was barricaded and his catch destroyed last week.”

Sack is expected to discuss this week’s vandalism, the lobster pound fire and next steps for the self-regulated Moderate Livelihood Fishery,

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