Sick Russians ‘booby trapping’ homes with grenades hidden in washing machines

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Sick Russian troops are "booby trapping" homes with grenades, even putting them in people's washing machines to cause maximum damage and civilian causalities.

Various photographs of the evil traps are circulating online, with a US soldier fighting on the frontline for Ukrainian forces taking to Twitter to express his dismay after finding a grenade in a food cupboard of a flat.

Former US Army staff sergeant James Vasquez, 45, arrived in Ukraine earlier this month to fight against Vladimir Putin's Russian invaders.

On Saturday, April 16, he posted an image of a grenade inside a glass in a cupboard, calling it "pure evil".

"I wasn’t going to show this but feel I have to. Russians booby trapping civilians homes," he wrote.

"They pull the pin on grenade, put it in a glass, string it to cabinet so when you open, pulls glass, glass breaks, Kaboom, another innocent dead. Just pure evil."

On the same day, the Kyiv Oblast Police Chief warned that a number of IEDs and explosive devices had been left behind in formerly occupied areas around the city.

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An American journalist with the Twitter handle OSINTtechnical shared images of said devices, including grenades fixed to trees with trip wires, explosives stuffed with nails, bombs stuffed into long grass.

In one image, there was even a grenade in the powder drawer of a washing machine.

The same account posted a video of a Ukrainian EOD tech defusing a MON-90 directional anti-personnel mine that was hidden under what appears to be a shopping bag.

He quoted the State Emergency Service of Ukraine as saying: “That's why we advise you not to rush back to your own homes and not to touch unknown things and objects."

Last week, Denys Monastyrsky, the Ukrainian interior minister, said the Russian troops had targeted the homes of states employees, hiding explosive booby-traps in their vehicles and homes.

“Wherever the occupiers stayed overnight, they would set up tripwires — both at the doorstep and by the fences.

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"Our people are now also finding explosives in houses and apartments where Ukrainian police officers, rescuers, and military servicemen live,” he told Ukrainian television.

It comes after more than 900 civilian bodies were discovered in the region surrounding Kyiv following the withdrawal of Russian forces, most of them fatally shot, police said Friday.

Andriy Nebytov, the head of Kyiv's regional police force, cited police data indicating that 95% died from gunshot wounds.

"Consequently, we understand that under the (Russian) occupation, people were simply executed in the streets," Nebytov said.

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