Sick ISIS fanatic cut out wifes eye in front of kids and flushed it down toilet

The horrific case of a sick ISIS fanatic who cut out wife's eye in front of their kids and flushed it down the toilet has resurfaced in Australian reports highlighting domestic abuse.

The "unspeakable horror" was described as one of Melbourne's most grotesque examples of violence in a family home by

Authorities in 2016 found two young boys and their younger sister so neglected they could hardly speak in a rundown house in Broadmeadows.

It then emerged they had watched on with horror on June 17, 2016 as their father, a 36-year-old Islamic State sympathiser, cut out his 27-year-old wife’s right eye and flushed it down the toilet.

The children witnessed as he cut off two fingers on her left hand and slashed her repeatedly with a sharp knife, scissors and a meat cleaver.

And saw as he wrapped her body in a blanket, a plastic sheet and electrical tape and drove it to a nearby tennis club where it was dumped in the bushes for a jogger to find.

The killer, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim and their children, was jailed for at least 30 years.

Judge Lex Lasry read out depraved details of what the killer did at the Victorian Supreme Court.

He said: "As your children watched, you removed her eye and flushed it down the toilet."

The judge noted the trauma suffered by the two boys and their younger sister, adding: “It was grotesquely violent.

“What you did was disgusting. It is hard to forecast the impact this will have on your children.”

Judge Lasry said one theory about the removal of the woman’s eye was that she was being made to look like Islam’s anti-Christ.

It’s believed the killer told his children she “looked like Dajjal” with her eye missing.

After the murder, the children and their father drove to a kebab shop and later to get pastries. They paid for them with the debit card belonging to the victim.

It’s bizarre behaviour family members said was typical of a man they described as “weird”, “awkward” and “scary”.

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The victim’s sister and brother-in-law told the news site that the couple met when the woman arrived in Australian from Lebanon.

They got married within a month and red flags started appearing.

The victim's sister said: “My sister came here from Lebanon and met him within a month and got married.

“I came to Australia later and I’d been here for 15 days before he even let me see my own sister.”

The victim’s brother-in-law added he was warned by friends to be careful around the 36-year-old.

He said: “Everybody I met told me, ‘stay away from him, stay away from him’. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I wanted to make the relationship work so my wife could see her sister.

“I thought he was a normal person but he turned weird. When we were alone all he talked about was ISIS, how he wanted to go to Syria, how he wanted to take the family to Syria.”

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