Shootout terror at shopping centre as armed police lock onlookers inside

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Police officers and a group of armed men have opened fire on each outside a shopping centre – with people trapped inside.

Cops rushed to the scene at the Ever Gotesco Commonwealth in Quezon City, the Philippines – north of the capital city Manila – at 6.08pm local time.

The Quezon City Police District and agents from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency have been dispatched. Two police officers are thought to be wounded.

Traffic on a nearby road has temporarily been suspected.

Shopping centre bosses said all access to the building had been secured, with customers “safe inside”.

Gotesco management said in a statement: “Please bear with us as we allow the authorities to handle the situation.

“For now, we hope for everyone’s cooperation to exercise caution in sharing unconfirmed information online.”

One resident tweeted: "My dad and sis are stuck in commonwealth because there was a shootout incident in ever gotesco. Stay safe to those near the area."

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Lt. Col. Romulus Gadaoni, commander of the Batasan Police Station, told CNN it was a buy-bust operation – in which police apprehend suspect drug dealers.

Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine Red Cross, said two police officers "were reportedly wounded."

Another eyewitness said: "Shoppers and employees from ever gotesco commonwealth are temporarily camping out outside my building’s lobby for safety."

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