Seoul stampede survivor says people filmed, sang and laughed as friends died

A survivor of the tragic Halloween crowd crush in Seoul that killed over 150 says that in the chaos during the disaster people laughed and sang as others died.

The death toll currently stands at 154 people, but this could still rise as 132 remain injured with 37 in a serious condition.

Nathan Taverniti, who was at the scene as the catastrophe unfolded, issued a heartbreaking video describing the harrowing final moments of film producer pal Grace Rached, 23, from Sydney, who sadly died during the stampede.

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He posted a teary video to TikTok explaining: “I was there when she said she couldn’t breathe and I grabbed one of my friends’ hands.

“It was a slow, agonising crush. This crush was not caused by drunk people. It was lack of planning, police force and emergency services.

“Nobody was willing to help. I watched as people filmed and sang and laughed while my friends were dying, along with many other people.

“I was there trying to pull people out because there was not enough police officers and nobody was doing anything to make the crowd stop.”

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The crush, which saw around 100,000 people come together, was the country’s biggest Halloween celebration since the pandemic.

Police have since announced a 475-member task force to investigate circumstances surrounding the hellish event, after reports that cops took half an hour to arrive and ambulances struggled to reach survivors through party-goers and crammed alleys.

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South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol declared the area, Itaewon, a disaster zone and visited a memorial to pay his respects.

Devastated Taverniti added: “There were people lying on the ground getting CPR, not by health professionals, by random people, whoever could.

“I am sad. I am devastated by the situation which could have so easily been avoided, but nobody would listen.”

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