Screaming dad found dead in just his socks after being tortured in hallway

A dad was ‘tortured to death’ and left lying in his hallway naked, wearing nothing but a pair of socks, a court has heard.

Thomas Campbell’s ankles were bound with duct tape, and he sustained burns to his buttocks and legs.

The 48-year-old was found at his home in Mossley, Tameside, Greater Manchester – where he was allegedly ambushed before the attack.

Three people, including the victim's ex-wife Coleen Campbell, are appearing before Bolton Crown Court accused of murder.

Ms Campbell, 38, Stephen Cleworth, 38, and Reece Steven, 29, have all pleaded not guilty. The trio also deny conspiring to rob Mr Campbell.

Ms Campbell is alleged to have met a man and they were said to have been 'apparent strangers' before he messaged her on Instagram, a week before Mr Campbell was found dead, the court heard.

In that week, the court heard that the pair shared 35 phone calls and 68 messages. They also met and spent half an hour in a car together on June 29, the trial was told.

Jurors heard that a tracking device was allegedly placed on Mr Campbell's car by Mr Cleworth on June 27. Mr Campbell was then attacked after 11pm on July 2 last year.

CCTV footage played to the jury captured audio of Mr Campbell 'screaming' as he was 'rushed' when he unlocked his front door.

He struggled with his attackers and about 40 seconds later he was carried into his home, the trial has heard.

Forensic pathologist Dr Philip Lumb carried out a post mortem examination on Mr Campbell, and also visited the scene to see how his body was discovered.

He told the jury that Mr Campbell had suffered 61 separate external injuries, including a 'severe' stab wound to his right arm which had a 'makeshift tourniquet' applied to it.

"This will have bled extensively and could have been fatal in its own right," Dr Lumb said.

"It is a hot liquid, it could well have been hot water that has caused this burn.

"He has probably been lying on his front and liquid has fallen onto him, rather than him sitting in hot liquid. This is very likely caused by hot liquid being poured on that area."

Mr Campbell also suffered a 'considerable number' of wounds to his face and two black eyes. "It's likely there has been blunt force to the eyes," Dr Lumb said.

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He said Mr Campbell suffered internal bruising to the head, likely caused by 'blunt force impact' with the use of 'some sort of weapon'. Other injuries were consistent with punches, kicks or stamps, the trial was told.

Dr Lumb said Mr Campbell's heart was 'enlarged' and showed signs of disease, and that his body was 'relatively dry and bloodless'.

"He has likely lost a lot of blood through his injuries," he told jurors.

Coleen Campbell, of Bamford Street, Clayton; Stephen Cleworth, of Charles Street, Heywood; and Reece Steven, of Poplar Street, Middleton, have pleaded not guilty to murder and conspiracy to rob.

The trial continues.

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