Scott Thompson: What responsibility does China bare in coronavirus pandemic?

As the rest of the world tries to cope with the new fast-spreading coronavirus, COVID-19, it may be premature to ask, but what responsibility does China bare in the global chaos it has created?

It is no secret this virus, as with SARS, jumped from animals to humans via a wildlife food market in Wuhan and the consumption of such animals.

It’s been reported China has finally outlawed such markets as it tries to decontaminate its food chain that has put millions at risk and killed thousands.

China is a communist dictatorship who has complete control over its people and industry and the rest of the world must accept that, even when doing business.

But at what point does China accept responsibility for the hell it has created in the rest of the world?

At what point does it owe the world an apology, both humanely and financially, for being so negligent in a country that is apparently so technologically advanced?

At what point do we see China for what it is, rather than just a fiscal opportunity?

That being a country controlled by the Communist Party of China who cares less about people or human rights than it does world domination.

When this is all over, it will be fascinating to see how China responds to the problems it has created for the rest of the world, and how the rest of the world views China as a result.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML — Hamilton.​​​​

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