Sci-fi warfare enters new era as drone dogfights captured across Ukraine

Ukraine has entered a new era of aerial warfare using drones as dogfighters.

Footage has emerged purportedly showing a Ukrainian drone being used to ram and destroy a Russian drone.

The unverified clip was posted on the highly-graphic Telegram channel Cargo-200 and appears to be shot from the perspective of a drone.

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With blue skies and lush green fields below, the drone appears to identify its target before making a B-line straight for it, crashing into it.

While it might not seem like much of a victory to scratch off a Russian drone at the cost of one of your own, the account claims that the Ukrainian drone was cheaper than the Russian one, making it a relative win overall.

The footage, different to the stereotypical dogfights that have dominated aviation warfare for the past 100 years, could be a sci-fi-like peek into the future.

There is no definitive confirmation seen by the Daily Star that confirms the clip is as described.

It was posted with the caption: “Drone dogfights reached a new height.

“Ukrainian cheap FPV kamikaze drone hits a Russian expensive drone (DJI Matrice 30T).

A DJI Matrice 30T retails in the UK for around £10,000.

The footage appears to have first been released by Army of Drones, the product of a partnership between the Ukranian World Congress and the Ukranian Ministery of Digital Transformation.

The project is donation-based and asks people to give money to help fund the purchase and maintenance of the equipment.

The Ukrainian World Congress said on its site: “To make the Ukrainian military stronger and save thousands of defender lives, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ukrainian presidential fundraising platform UNITED24 are assembling an Army of Drones in cooperation with the Ukrainian World Congress!”

The UWC continued: "This is a complex program that involves drone procurement, delivery, maintenance and replacement, as well as pilot training.

"The project will raise funds to purchase 200 professional unmanned drone systems for aerial reconnaissance. They are vital equipment that Ukraine ’s defenders need in order to fight off the Russian invasion.

"The Drone Army will allow the defenders of Ukraine to constantly monitor an enormous 2 470 km frontline and support an effective response to enemy attacks."

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