School closures: Scared Brits urge UK to follow Germany’s lead on shutting schools

German state Saarland has officially announced it will close all schools and day care centres from the next week until the end of the Easter holidays. Now, Brits are urging the UK to do the same.

Saarland will be closing all schools and day centres in a bid to combat the Coronavirus.

The closures will start from the next week and last until the end of the Easter holidays.

Chairman of the CDU Parliamentary Group Tobias Hans made a recommendation to shut the schools after the area became a coronavirus hotspot.

This aims to slow down the virus.


The German politician said: “It is now necessary to make decisions with a clear head, which inevitably result in a restriction of public life.”

According to the Robert Koch Institute, 14 people have been tested positive for the coronavirus in Saarland on Thursday evening, bringing the total to 29.

Meanwhile, London has 136 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

However, British schools are yet to be closed.

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In fact, British schools will remain open as British officials fear closing schools could actually accelerate the virus.

Many people have compared the UK’s response to that of other worse affected countries.

One user tweeted: “Italy: In lockdown due to #CoronavirusPandemic.

“Denmark, Ireland, France: All schools & Unis are closed.


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“Germany: Football matches & large public gatherings are cancelled.

“Korea: Unis deliver lectures online.

“UK: Wash your hands & sing happy birthday twice #CoronaVirus #Covid_19”

A second added: “So your telling me Poland who have lower cases and deaths of the corona virus compared to the UK have closed their schools but the UK haven’t yet.

“Why is our government dumb?”

A third added: “Close the schools, Introduce social distancing, stop waiting for this to get out of hand before making an effort.”

This comes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned that closing schools and shutting down the Tube could make the spread of coronavirus worse.

In an interview with LBC this morning, Sadiq Khan said the spread could worsen if schools were closed, with the elderly and most vulnerable paying the price.

Speaking on LBC, Mr. Khan said: “We’ve got to be realistic about what we can expect from people.

“For example, those that said we should have closed our schools down two weeks ago that means closing our schools down for 20 weeks plus.

“Often it will be our grandparents, elderly, with underlying health conditions that will have to do the childcare.

“You could inadvertently make matters worse by taking measures such as closing down schools.

“If you stop the Tubes and the buses running, people will take different steps.”

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