Saint John buses to be cleaned more frequently to defend against coronavirus

City buses in Saint John will be cleaned more frequently to defend against COVID-19.

The interiors will be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis, according to Trish Ellsworth, the chair of the Saint John Parking and Transit Commissions.

Ellsworth said bus drivers have been offered the option of wearing protective gloves, and information about COVID-19 has been posted throughout the transit offices.

She said Saint John Transit has been in contact with transit systems throughout the region to ensure their action in line with others.

In a report from Halifax today, Halifax Transit did not rule out the possibility of pulling buses from the road in the event of an outbreak there.

Ellsworth said there has been no specific discussion about a similar move in Saint John, but added management is continuing to monitor and evaluate the situation.

Also, the pay stations at city-owned parking garages and Market Square, and the pay-by-plate displays at St. Joseph’s Hospital, will now be cleaned on a daily basis.



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