Residents of remote town watch as still-living fish ‘rain down from the sky’

Residents of a remote town were flabbergasted when actual fish "rained from the sky" during a recent storm.

Lajamanu, a town deep in the Australian outback, has actually seen the bizarre weather phenomenon happen there before.

Local councillor Andrew Johnson Japanangka said that some of the fish were alive as they came down, measuring at least the size of two fingers.

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"Some are still hanging around in the community in a puddle of water," he told ABC.

"We saw some free-falling down to the ground. And some falling onto the roof. It was the most amazing thing we've ever seen.

"Children are picking them up and keeping them in a bottle or a jar."

Lajamanu was also bombarded in 2010 when there were reports of perch falling from the clouds.

There are further reports of the same thing dating back to 2004, the mid 1980s and 1974.

Weather experts reckon it is caused when bodies of water – and the fish that call them home – are sucked into storms by powerful updrafts.

The storms can then travel hundreds of miles before dissipating and dumping the fish on whoever happens to be below.

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Locals consider the phenomenon to be a blessing from God, although it isn't unique to Lajamanu. A similar incident was reported in 2020 in Yowah, another outback town thousands of miles away.

Queensland Museum ichthyologist Jeff Johnson said the fish that fell recently were spangled perch.

"They are a relatively large fish and they're not able to be drawn up out of the water and held up in the sky for very long," he told ABC.

"But clearly that's what has happened."

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