Record-breaking 800lb alligator caught as 4 pals snare 14ft beast on a boat

Four pals on a boat have caught a record-breaking 800lb alligator.

Travis Bearden, Gary Bearden, Cody Bearden and Tommy Kelley took on the huge monster that measured almost 14 feet in Arkansas, with the weight and length verified by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

The quartet were hunting from a boat and spotted the gator in the water of one of the coves of Merrisach Lake.

Travis said: "We had gone there the week before.

"I went with my other brother and some other friends but we didn't get one. I don't know if the cold front had messed with them or what."

Tommy added: "Our expectations weren't real high. But we were only out there two hours before we saw him and were able to get close enough to harpoon him.

"We had no idea how big it was. You can see their eyes but you can't see their whole body under the water.

"Then, the fun really began. The alligator was pulling us around like we had a motor on the boat.

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"We didn't get to the boat until 11 before we could shoot it."

Alligator hunting is allowed by permit only in the US state of Arkansas.

Travis added: "It was my dad's first alligator.

"We camped at Merrisach and a lot of bowhunters were there.

"My dad was walking around telling story after story to stranger after stranger. When another person came up, he'd tell them about it."

In 2020, a total of 170 alligators have been caught in Arkansas.

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