Randy couple filmed having sex in public park as children played nearby

A shocking video has captured the moment a brazen couple were seen getting frisky in a public park, close to where children were playing.

The video, which has gained more than 540,000 views online, was captered by a stunned passerby near a five-a-side football pitch in the Colombian city of Barranquilla. In the clip, the woman was seen flashing her bottom while straddling the man.

A child was seen wearing a yellow top, innocently wanders towards them at the end of the 11-second clip โ€” but the shameless couple didn't seem bothered. However, people were outraged after seeing the clip go viral online and even branded the couple "animals".

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One local remarked: "They think they're in the zoo. They look like animals." A second questioned: "Why doesn't the cameraperson do anything?"

A third joked: "It's outrageous that at the end of 2023 there are cameras with such poor quality." Meanwhile, others defended the couple as they claim the scene was "romantic".

A viewer commented: "It's not the place, it's the person." Another argued: "It is a very romantic scene from any point of view." A third said: "Better they make love and not war, you bunch of prudes."

The news comes after another couple sparked outrage after being caught on camera allegedly having sex in the sea, surrounded by families with young children.

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The 18-second clip shows the man and woman kissing passionately in the crystal blue sea next to a tourist boat. Although their lower halves are not visible, the woman is seen repeatedly thrusting up and down as they kiss in the water.

Another couple can be seen playing in the sea just feet away in Cholon in the Rosario Islands, Colombia. Children were also seen in the water with their families just metres away.

In Colombia, anyone convicted of carrying out sexual acts or exhibitionism can face fines of up to COP 618,000 (ยฃ125).

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