Raging crow attacking people with long hair – and it happens 20 times a day

An aggressive crow is attacking locals on a London street, leaving people desperately scrambling for cover.

In a scene worthy of Hitchcock’s The Birds, women with long hair have been the targets of a crow that drew blood in one of its rampages.

One resident living near Mansfield Road, where the attacks have taken place, has started venturing out only with the protection of an umbrella.

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But wildlife experts say that the bird is simply trying to protect its nest and young, with no sinister Hitchcock motive.

Jiyan Demirkol, manager of the Hope Food and Wine Shop in Mansfield Road, told Camden New Journal : “We’re hearing about 20 attacks in a day.

“One lady came into the shop and said it attacked her three times in one day.”

Owner Cengiz Taskin added: “One lady got attacked in the morning on her way to work and then she got attacked again when she was coming home.

“She came into the shop, she was so scared.

“One of them was bleeding from the attack.

“It attacks them from behind but if you turn around and face it the crow will fly away.”

The crow seems to only attack people with long hair according to the shopkeepers.

Another resident said: “Our neighbourhood WhatsApp group exploded.

“It’s really weird. My daughter has been attacked twice.

“My neighbour had her cheek scratched. We called Camden Council but they said there’s nothing they could do because crows aren’t pests.”

Wildlife experts say that the crow is merely protecting its young and the attacks should calm down in coming weeks once they leave the nest.

Tom Stewart of the British Trust for Ornithology said: “It looks like a carrion crow.

“It’s quite a big bird; I can imagine that being quite scary. The crow is likely to be nesting along that stretch of road and it’s likely to have young in the nest.

“That’s the only thing I can think would make a crow act aggressively toward humans.

“Crows, like all birds, are scared of people, so it’s defending its young rather than attacking people. We know crows are highly intelligent, although not clever enough in this instance to realise that these people aren’t attacking their young.

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“But that bird will be hyper aware because it’s got young in the nest at the moment.”

He added: “Women with long hair I’m less clear about.

“Maybe the colour or the way light falls on the hair makes the crow alarmed.

“The crow could perceive the hair to be another bird.”

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