Queen ‘not happy’ with amount the Cambridges were using royal helicopter

The Queen is reportedly unhappy with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s excessive use of a helicopter, claims a royal expert.

It is thought Her Majesty was concerned with the financial implications of them using the helicopter, as well as from a safety perspective, too, especially when their three children were along for the ride.

With the royal family being criticised over their recent spending, when millions across the UK are struggling with the cost of living crisis, images of the Cambridges using the helicopter on a regular basis are not helping matters and this has partly led to the Queen’s discomfort.

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Royal commentator Richard Palmer told the Express: “I think the Queen felt, certainty let it be known, that she felt uncomfortable about the entire family travelling by helicopter.

“I think there was a little bit of official unhappiness about the amount of time the Cambridges were spending travelling between Anmer Hall in Norfolk and Kensington Palace, their London residence, using helicopters.”

Palmer went on to say that he thought the Queen was also worried about the possibility of a crash if they travelled together as a family, with the risk of the “third, fourth, fifth in line to throne being wiped out”.

The news of the Queen’s unhappiness with their chopper journeys struck a chord with social media users, with one Twitter user sarcastically writing: “The entire British population is working hard to pay for their extravagance so why not use royal helicopters to bounce between palaces.”

Another cynic added: “They use helicopters like they are taxis.”

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The reports follow news that Prince William and Kate are thinking about a possible move to Windsor, where the couple have chosen Adelaide Cottage as their new residence.

The four-bedroom home is situated on the Queen’s Windsor estate and the couple, along with their three children, are set to move in this summer.


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