Putin’s pal warns ‘only a couple of mutants will survive’ after nuclear strike

A “massive nuclear strike” could result in only a “couple of mutants” surviving amid news that the UK is sending more long-range missiles to Ukraine, one of Vladimir Putin’s top propagandists has warned.

As the war in Ukraine recently dragged across its 100th day, Putin has ramped up his threats, suggesting he will strike new targets if the US delivers long-range missiles to the besieged country.

And, after warning that the Russian army will advance across Europe until they reach Stonehenge, Vladimir Solovyov, a key propagandist, told Russian State TV that a nuclear strike is imminent.

Despite his threats, Solovyov began in good humour, suggesting: “If people weren’t dying, this would be the funniest comedy.

However, the propagandist’s mood soon soured, and he suggested that the world is reaching a tipping point into the “bloody pages of world history”.

Solovyov delivered the threats amid the news that Britain is sending rocket systems to Ukraine to arm the country against the Russian offensive.

He suggested that this amounted to a clear escalation of the conflict, and could result in Putin turning to his nuclear arsenal.

“I hope we’ll live through this. If everything keeps progressing the way that it is, only a couple of mutants in Lake Baikal will survive; the rest will be destroyed in a massive nuclear strike,” he said, in a clip translated and shared by journalist Julia Davis on Twitter.

“Everything is moving in that direction regardless of what either side wants.”

As well as suggesting that NATO are to blame for sending more weapons to the region, Solovyov warned that a Ukrainian mistake could also result in nuclear annihilation.

He claimed: “Ukraine will fire and end up hitting one of our power plants, and here we go, the process will quickly become uncontrollable, everyone will get more than they asked for. Bang! And there’s nothing left.”

Other members of the panel had similarly intimidating messages for their viewers, with Vitaly Tretyakov, a political analyst, adding: “We’ve finally arrived, this is our last and decisive battle.”

This comes as experts gave a damning assessment of Putin’s chances of success in the current conflict, with warnings that the leader faces a “shortage” of soldiers.

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