Putins inability to stop drones in Russia could trigger demise, expert claims

Vladimir Putin's inability to stop killer drones attacking Russia could lead to his downfall, an expert claims.

The despot's control of the nation is said to be starting to crack as the country is bombarded by swarms of drone strikes and rebel assaults on its borders.

Explosive strikes on infrastructure and rogue partisans are seeing the brutal war in Ukraine finally start to hit home in Moscow, as potential successors to Putin start to hover.

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Dr Kristian Gustafson, a security expert from Brunel University, told The Sun Online the attacks are stoking Kremlin infighting, while spreading discontent among the powerbroker elite.

He argued, the strikes have "raised the stakes" – and warned if things continue Putin could be "in trouble" and make people question his plan.

Russians have been running for shelter as kamikaze strikes have been falling across the country's border regions – bringing home the terror Putin has spent 15 months dishing out to civilians in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, aggressive pro-Ukrainian partisans are leading tank-assisted assaults into the border regions, shelling towns and sending Russians fleeing – seemingly invading the invaders.

“These attacks on Moscow increase squabbling in the Kremlin, trouble Putin’s position and drag equipment from the battlefield,” Dr Gustafson said.

In this game of war, “Ukraine has raised the stakes," he said.

The real danger, the expert claimed, is that "these attacks break through what the Kremlin holds up about what is actually happening in Ukraine.

"It makes Putin’s position a little less secure and it a little less likely that Russians will believe what they are being told."

He argued it has set the stage for Ukraine’s looming counteroffensive, which – if it goes well – could pose a genuine threat to the Russian leader.

"If there is a major collapse of one of the fronts as Ukrainian forces thump some sector with enough dynamism and will to break it and it leads to Russian troops surrendering – Putin will be in trouble," said Gustafson.

On Tuesday (May 30), Moscow woke up to the sounds of explosions, which seemed to target wealthy suburbs where oligarchs hide away in luxury resorts.

One drone was shot down reportedly “within earshot” of Vlad’s own estate.

It marks a distinct change from the Ukrainian strikes of past months that have specifically targeted oil, energy and military infrastructure in the border regions.

Gustafson said Ukraine's primary aim was to force Russia to move their sophisticated warfare systems back into Russia to defend themselves.

This, he said, would give Ukraine a better opportunity to strike Russian frontline targets.

In a furious rant, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said he was "deeply outraged" by Putin's troops doing "f**k all" to stop the barrage of drones reaching the Russian capital.

The raging warlord branded Kremlin military elites "smelly scumbags" for failing to defend Moscow.

A confused Gustafson said he didn't understand Priogzhin’s game, saying he was "angling for power but not to replace Putin, instead he's engaging in intramural fighting for positions of power in Kremlin."

He added that "anyone else would end up ‘falling’ out of a building."

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