Putins glamorous female pilots dubbed angels of death to battle in Ukraine

A group of female pilots dubbed Vladimir Putin’s “angels of death” are set to be sent to fight in the cruel dictator’s bloody war in Ukraine.

The newly mobilised women have graduated into the Russian air force and are trained to fly both transport planes and strategic nuclear bombers.

After finishing from Serov Higher Military Aviation School, a weekend passing out parade in Krasnodar saw the recruits chuck petals and coins in the air in celebration.

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They will join vast numbers of Russian troops currently battling exhaustion and a deep equipment shortage in the eastern European warzone, under the orders of their evil former-KGB boss.

Defence minister Sergei Shoigu, who has held the role since 2012 and is one of Putin’s closest allies, praised the new recruits.

The Kremlin minion, who is so friendly with Putin the pair even spent holidays together in the mountains where Shoigu was raised, said the new pilots were “gloriously” continuing a tradition.

He told them: “You are a reference point and an example for those girls who will follow you.”

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When the women started their five-year training course in 2017, Colonel Oleg Pchela issued a bizarre statement that claimed: “Girls are usually very romantic.

“They have good motivation that will allow them to learn how to fly our military airplanes and to perform the tasks of their commanders.

“It is a highly responsible job to become a military pilot. It is a hard occupation, it demands high moral values too.”

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But not everyone has been supportive of the new recruits and one sexist Russian critic fumed: “All these girls will soon get married and go to 'serve' on maternity leave.”

Pilots in the scheme were forced to go through a rigorous programme with tough tests and exams and intense physical and physiological scrutiny before they were allowed to join.

The women became the first to qualify since the Second World War, when brutal Joseph Stalin opened up the job to both sexes and even awarded 23 Heroes of the USSR to female pilots.

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