Putins glam spokeswoman seductively fondles strawberries in creepy video

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Vladimir Putin's glam propagandist has shared a bizarre clip, appearing to seductively fondle and eat strawberries.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova can be seen sucking on the strawberries wearing a full face of makeup as the Red Army Choir version of Kalinka – patriotic Russian song – plays in the background.

Throughout the entire three-minute clip, titled "Our Own Harvest" and shared on her Telegram channel over the weekend, Zakharova doesn't actually eat the fruit. She also doesn't speak.

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Zakharova, 46, became the Russian Foreign Ministry's first female spokesperson in 2015.

She is known for her combative jibes in defence of Putin and sharing snaps in sultry dresses on social media.

Edgars Rinkēvičs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, mocked the weird strawberry video online, using the Russian phrase “liking it or not, endure, my beauty".

According to the New York Post, this refers to forced sex and implies she's made to say and do things against her will.

Zakharova was sure to hit back on Telegram, implying the Latvian official was homosexual.

She wrote: “Edgars, Beauty is not your specialty. Find a handsome one and let him endure. I am not yours. Or is this your next ‘coming out?’”

Earlier this year, it was reported that Putin was looking to employ a "Red Lipstick Army" of glam spokeswomen like Zakharova to justify the Ukraine invasion.

Communications consultant Jo Tanner, a former adviser to Boris Johnson, said she could see the logic of deploying women in such roles.

"You would be trying to take away the hard edges,’’ she said.

"Internally these spokespeople are playing on the fact that their own people have limited access to other sources of information.

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"The whole invasion is based on a complete lie and is being fuelled by a continuation of that.

"You would hope that the spokespeople are being duped and they don’t know the truth when they’re delivering it. But you have to question that.

"They are cultured people doing these jobs. They must be able to see the other sources of information around the world, contradicting what they are saying."


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