Putin mouthpiece wants to destroy every living thing to end to Ukraine war

Russian President Vladimir Putin's favourite propagandist has raged that her country needs to “destroy every living thing” in a bid to end the invasion of Ukraine on the winning side.

Olga Skabeeva is Russia's main host on Channel 1, and has often spouted angry Kremlin-backed lines since Putin first ordered he invasion of Ukraine over 14 months ago.

And in her latest rant, she has pledged a chilling way to end the war.

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Alongside State Duma member Oleg Morozov, military expert Mikhail Khodaryonok, and political analyst Alexander Shpakovsky, she was debating the claim of another Russian general that the current Ukrainian regime has to be “destroyed”.

She said: “We can only draw one conclusion.

“The Ukrainian question has to be solved once and for all.

"Otherwise, it maybe too late – today, Kyiv is a de-facto weapon that NATO uses to wage war against us.

“It's not enough to rip it out of the enemy's hands. We have to ensure he can never get it again.

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“Only the supreme commander of our country Vladimir Putin can made these decisions.

“What comes to mind right now, I will say it again, is to destroy every living thing in the Kharkiv region as a punishment and as a deterrent.”

The four men she was speaking with all look a little nervous when Skabevva made her angry plea to Putin.

The phrases "Ukraine question" is a chilling recall back to Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime, who carried out the Holocaust as a way of solving their "Jewish question".

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Putin's army has so far seen 209,940 men killed in battle, with 629,820 wounded so badly that they can no longer return to battle.

According the Ukrainian sources, this is 93.3% of Putin's total army capacity.

Russian forces have also lost around 7,500 armoured combat vehicles, 3837 tanks, and 3,555 pieces of artillery equipment in the last 14 months.

It has also seen 313 of its estimated 1,379 aircraft destroyed in battle.

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