Putin ‘failing miserably’ as troops given ‘almost no protection’

Russian regiment appeals for equipment in cold Ukrainian conditions

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Russian conscripts heading to Ukraine have been complaining of poor clothing and medical supplies in a video released from inside a military training base inside Russia. The footage shows a group of recruits and an instructor who points out the lack of basic medical provisions for the enlisted men.

In the video, a Russian military instructor reports: “Your fighters that you send to us here in Stavropol Kari are almost completely naked.

“They have no medical kits and they have just one tourniquet.”

Calling one of the recruits over, he adds: “As you can see they have almost no protection and just to [armoured] plates.

“They don’t have any thermal underwear, the boys are freezing.”

Retired US commander Mark Hertling has slammed the Russian military logistics and supply issues arguing Putin has been unable to deliver the equipment needed by a modern functioning army.

He told CNN: “There was a NATO report submitted today that said the earliest if everything goes right that Russia can get mobilised troops on the front lines is May, that’s months away, and that’s considering that they had everything they need.

He continued: “These guys don’t even have tourniquets to wear on their uniforms.

“So that means they probably don’t have medics, they don’t have first aid stations, they don’t have support hospitals, all of those. All of those things contribute to making a modern army and Russia continues to fail miserably.”


Ukrainian forces strike Russian munitions dump with drone

It comes as Ukraine warns of attempts by Russia to trigger a mass exodus of civilians into Europe to spark a refugee crisis.

Since Russia began hitting the Ukrainian power grid and other critical infrastructure in early October, successive waves of cruise missiles and exploding drones have destroyed about half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, the Kyiv government has said.

Ukraine’s prime minister has alleged Russia is trying to pressure Europe by creating a mass exodus of Ukrainian refugees like the one early in the war. Russia says its military aim in destroying infrastructure is weakening Ukraine’s ability to defend itself and disrupting flows of Western weapons to the country it attacked in February.

The full-scale invasion has left many tens of thousands of people dead or injured and forced an estimated 6.5 million Ukrainians from their homes.

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Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky argued that a concerted international effort to keep Ukraine’s utility systems working could help dissuade Moscow from further attacks and potentially force it to the negotiating table, as well as prevent more Ukrainians from fleeing.

The Kremlin showed no signs of backing down. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday rejected an appeal Zelensky made the day before for Russia to start a pullback from Ukraine at Christmas, saying “there can’t be any talk about it” until the Kyiv government recognizes the Kremlin’s territorial claims.

“Without taking those realities into account, any movement forward is impossible,” Peskov said.

Zelensky said Ukraine needs electric generators as urgently as armoured vehicles and armoured vests for its troops.

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