Putin ‘body double’ plot thickens as Kremlin aide says there could be up to four

Vladimir Putin is not just backed up by one body double, but up to four, according to a Kremlin aide who spoke on the issue publically as the fiasco around dopplegangers rumbles on.

For the last couple of weeks, the Daily Star has been reporting on wild claims that Putin had succumbed to the myriad of apparent health issues he has allegedly been suffering for nearly two years, with a heart attack last week proving the final nail in the coffin. The source of the claims is a Telegram channel called General SVR, which is thought to be led by a Kremlin insider, and it said Putin had died at the 71-year-old's Valdai residence last month.

And earlier today (November 6) we reported that the body double of the apparently-dead Russian President has tested positive for Covid, just 24 hours after suffering from “snot, cough and fever”.

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But the plot has thickened even further with news, almost from the horse's mouth, that there may be several body doubles.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, shared a video on X of Dmitry Peskov, press secretary for the Kremlin and a leading Russian propagandist, talking about the matter.

"Experts are now wondering if there are three or four," Peskov said, according to a translation provided by Gerashchenko. "And who do we see every day now, is he the third or the fourth double? It's unclear, isn't it? But Putin is the only one."

Despite Peskov appearing to have a jokey tone when he made the comment, Gerashchenko took his word as gospel.

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"Russian presidential spokesman Peskov has to personally assure the people again and again that Putin has no doubles," he said.

It comes as a Polish Putin lookalike told the Daily Star he wouldn't take the body double for any money.

Slawomir Sobala, 54, said: "I know that Putin uses body doubles, but I wouldn't agree to such work for any money. I respect my life, family and friends who surround me.

"Besides, if I had the opportunity to be in Putin's place for a moment, the first decision I would announce publicly would be to end the war in Ukraine, and the real Putin would certainly not like it."

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