Puppy adopted by soldiers after being found alone and hungry in the snow

A little puppy lost in the snow was adopted by soldiers who heard its frightened cries for help.

In heartbreaking footage recorded in China, the brown and white dog looks chilled to the bone as soldiers pick it up and try to reassure the pup.

Tragically, it was the sole survivor after apparently being dumped along with its littermates in the freezing cold conditions.

Footage shows the puppy get lifted into a bag and then transported back to the camp.

The dog, renamed "Eighteen" because it was rescued on January 18, is then bathed in warm water and dried with a hairdryer so its fur goes soft and fluffy.

Soldiers then make clothes for the pup so it won't get cold again – and even design a little kennel for the puppy to live in and hide away when it feels shy.

Eighteen's bittersweet story reached millions after the heart-wrenching video was uploaded on China's social media app Weibo.

Commenting in Chinese, one user swooned: "It's so adorable!

"From now on, it will be a little soldier and protect our country."

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A second viewer commented: "You've now officially joined the army, little Eighteen!"

This comes after a dog went viral for its heartwarming reaction to being reunited with his soldier owner who returned from his tour in Kuwait.

Running over and jumping on him, the pooch was clearly overjoyed to see him again and didn't forget his face even after many months without him.

The soldier said: "I didn't know how he was going to react, to be honest with you.

"I got teary, really teary he knows. You can't explain it."

Meanwhile, these neglected dogs look completely different after being rescued and given makeovers and tender loving care.

The pooches were found with matted fur and in poor health, but now look incredible.

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