Prisoners filmed having rave in cell and joking about drug use

A video has emerged of "prisoners" having a rave in jail and joking about drug use.

Viral footage posted to TikTok, shot in an unidentified prison, appears to show "prisoners" jumping around to techno music in "an HMP cell".

One short film sees a cell packed full of "inmates" raising their hands in the air and shouting as they dance around a darkened room.

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Another shows a "prisoner" busting some moves beside one cell's toilet as his pals watch on and laugh.

The videos' captions include hashtags of 'Halloween' and 'party', however the video appears to show some individuals with Christmas jumpers and hats so it remains unclear when the footage was recorded.

Other hashtags used include 'disco' and even 'behind bars' and 'prison' to brag about their rave's alleged venue – while they also reference magic and md, which are words often used to refer to MDMA or Ecstasy.

They were posted last weekend despite it being illegal for prisoners to possess mobile phones behind bars.

The videos have now been viewed more than half a million times, with other baffled users bemoaning that the prisoners 'have a better social life than them'.

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One commented: "I would be dancing like that too if I wasn't paying for my gas and electric atm."

Another said: "Prisoners with a Better social life than me."

A third said: "Looks great, where do I get a ticket?"

A fourth joked: "If this is what jail looks like I wanna go."

Other footage from the account shows what appears to be a prison wing and cells, although it's not clear which prison they were allegedly shot in.

The Ministry of Justice have been contacted for comment.


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