Prince Andrew’s ‘playboy’ life as a ‘daring lover’ explored in tell-all book

Sources close to Prince Andrew have rubbished risqué claims made about the Duke of York in a bombshell tell-all book going on sale later this week.

Author Ian Halperin, whose new book “Sex, Lies and Dirty Money by the World’s Powerful Elite” will be released on Thursday, claims he talked to at least a dozen of The Duke of York's alleged former flames.

The book's blurb on Amazon states: "Halperin's no-holds barred investigation offers the most extensive journey ever into incredible, tumultuous and shadowy lives of the world's most famous, (alive or dead) , including The British Royal Family, The Kardashians, Bill Gates, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, The Clintons, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, Prince, Dr Anthony Fauci, Michael Jordan, Howard Stern, Jeffrey Epstein, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Pope Francis, Mick Jagger, The Church of Scientology, Vladimir Putin, The Kennedys, Oprah Winfrey, McDonald's and many more."

Virginia Giuffre alleges she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew by his paedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein, in 2001, aged 17, and twice more after that.

The Prince strenuously denies he had sex with her and says that he never saw Epstein act in a manner that would raise concerns.

Speaking about his new book, Mr Halperin said: “Most women painted Andrew as a perfect gent and said it was consensual.

"One woman said he was a very daring lover: there were no limits to where he would go in bed … She told me, ‘Andrew rocked my world in the bedroom,’ but she felt disappointed because after that … she didn’t hear from him again.”

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He added: "He compared his relationship with his brother … to William and Harry.

"William is looked at as royal material, just like Charles, whereas he and Harry were the bad boys…

"This led to his playboy lifestyle. He wasn’t getting attention; it made him feel special to get these beautiful women in his bed.”

Halperin says he uncovered no evidence that Andrew — who has denied allegations that he slept with Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave Virginia Roberts — had sex with underage women, but his research did seem to suggest the Duke of York has a bit of a thing for redheads.

However, the book does allege that Andrew — who insists his friendship with Epstein was purely about business — began to fear Epstein.

Halperin said: “Epstein got information on people and he’d use it against them … [When he and Andrew last] met in 2011, Andrew was begging Epstein never to reveal anything about him."

But a source close to the Duke has suggested the book is based on "sensationalised" accounts deliberately exaggerated to make money.

They said: “Both in style and substance, many of these recollections seem sensationalised, though the emphasis on consensual, adult relationships is an important one.

"As for allegations in regard to the nature of Duke’s relationship with Epstein, these unsubstantiated and lurid tales seem designed to sell books."

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