Pregnant ex-prostitute addicted to drugs slams those who brand her a crackhead

A former prostitute who is addicted to heroin and crack cocaine has hit out at those who look down on her.

Tracey Whelan, a pregnant mum of two from Chapeltown, Leeds, left her home in Harehills to start a new life and escape drugs.

However, Tracey claims that instead, she found herself trapped by the bustling city suburb, and was forced to beg for money.

The 42-year-old has hit out, stating she is sick of the bullying, the insults and those who belittle her for her 26-year-long addiction.

She told the MEN that she first started to use drugs as a prostitute, just trying to make ends meet.

Tracey said: “They call me a crackhead, dirty s*** and a smackhead. I’m in agony. You shouldn’t judge people, it’s not right. I don’t bother anyone.”

The middle-aged mum moved away from Leeds and has mothered two children, eight and 26.

Tracey said: “I used to live in Harehills but I moved away to get away from the drugs. I’ve got two kids and I’m pregnant now.”

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Harehills has been described as a “holiday resort” for street drinkers by West Yorkshire Police, who are committed to cracking down on anti-social behaviour after being granted increased powers to take action in the area.

The former prostitute said: “I don’t drink, it’s disgusting. They’re falling all over and causing trouble. I take heroin and crack, I’ve been addicted for years – 26 years.

“I got involved with bad people, prostitutes, and people like that. I used to do it myself, in Harehills and Chapeltown.”

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