Poshest-ever Greggs leaves Brits howling that it should be called Greggorys

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    The world’s poshest Greggs "should be called Greggorys" amused fans have claimed.

    Bury St Edmund’s branch of the nation’s favourite baked goods provider is very different to its siblings across the nation.

    While most have glassy walls and simple designs, the town’s Abbeygate Street branch has a glorious exposed wooden exterior and classy brown and cream sign, in place of the regular orange, blue and grey.

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    The brand is synonymous with feeding the people, with affordable prices for delicious, quick sweet and savoury treats.

    Therefore the up-market break from convention has unsurprisingly caused quite a stir among Brits after an image of the branch was posted on the Reddit page CasualUK.

    Posting an image of the 17th-Century Grade II-listed building, the Reddit user simply put “Greggory's”.

    The group, which boasts 1.4million members, predictably has become a hive of people making gags about the strange contradiction of grand arches alongside the iconic four Greggs squares.

    One user offered up a play on the famous cake brand, Patisserie Valerie, saying: “Patisserie Gregorie”.

    “Gregg A Manger,” said another.

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    Nestled on a cobbled, pedestrianised walkway, Greggorys is surrounded by equally beautiful, traditional storefronts only adding to the overall visual appeal.

    One user pointed out that this particular Greggs was a Bakers Oven until all 165 branches in the Midlands and South of the UK were turned into the national favourite we see today.

    Praising the beautiful branch's ability to draw them in, one user said: “Gorgeous. The future is Greggs.

    “I could go for a Grags festive bake any time and if more locations looked like this it'd be hard to resist. Who doesn't love a fancy Greggly's?"

    It is worth noting that Abbeygate Street’s Greggs is normal on the inside and the town's other branch on Cornhill looks like a regular store on the outside.

    In an older Reddit post discussing the image, one user described how this particularly-beautiful Greggs even lured one user into thinking this was what all Greggs were like.

    They said: “I grew up in Bury St Edmunds and Greggs was always seem to be a lovely bakery and a proper treat where my mum would take me.

    "The people who worked there were lovely. It wasn’t until I moved to the Midlands when I learned that its reputation is less than classy in the rest of the UK."

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