Political leader of Hamas killed in airstrike as Israeli death toll tops 1,400

Israeli medic break down in tears while discussing Hamas victims

Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have confirmed the death of Jamila Abdallah Taha al-Shanti, a prominent political figure within the Hamas organisation.

The terrorist group made the announcement via Hamas radio, revealing that the 68-year-old al-Shanti, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, met her demise during an Israeli airstrike in the early hours of October 19.

Al-Shanti was the first woman in the political bureau of Hamas, a significant position within the organisation. Israeli media outlets have cited statements from Hamas radio verifying her death. The news comes as the death toll in Israel topped 1,400 after Hamas continued its relentless attacks from Gaza.

Al-Shanti’s connections within Hamas were deep-rooted; her husband, Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, was not only a founding member of the organisation but also a prominent leader.

Al-Rantisi’s life was also cut short in 2004 when he fell victim to an Israeli Air Force hellfire missile strike.


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