Police fine maskless woman in Farm Foods ‘even though she is exempt’

A furious Farmsfoods customer was pulled aside by police officers for not wearing a face mask and handed a fine.

In a clip of the argument, recorded yesterday, November 26, two West Midlands officers tell a woman she will have to go to court because her exemption card is "printed off the internet".

The male police officer says: "What we're going to do, we're going to take this lady's details."

"What for?" asks a man who is filming the heated exchange in the supermarket aisle.

"If we give you a fixed penalty notice, what it then does, you take it to court and you show your burden of proof then to the court," replies the policewoman.

She says that police officers do not have to ask for "proof of her exemption", but might ask what it is in "conversation".

"Hold on, hold on. I've just shown you my card, I've explained my situation," says the woman, who adds that she has shown the officers her medication as proof.

The male officer says: "You showed me a card that you printed on the internet.

"That's not valid."

"So?" says the woman without the face mask.

"Because you haven't got a certificate or a doctor's note, the onus is on yourself," says the policeman.

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The shopper says: "I can prove to you here that my son's girlfriend has ordered me a card, which I just said to you, I only texted the other day saying, 'Has my card come yet?'"

"Has she broken a law?" says the man filming.

"She's broken a guideline," says the policeman.

As the argument heats up, the woman says she's doing "the best I can".

The footage was uploaded on Facebook, with the caption: "Remember people, you don’t have to show any exemption or give any of your details.

"You have not broken a law."

Government guidelines state that some people do not have to wear a face mask if they have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability, or putting one on or taking one off would cause "severe distress".

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