Police could arrest suspected coronavirus sufferers as soon as Tuesday

Police could be granted powers to be able to arrest suspected coronavirus sufferers on the streets and the new measures could come into force this week.

The new measures are all part the 329-page Emergency Coronavirus Bill which could clear its final hurdles in the coming week.

It will give police the power to detain suspected coronavirus patients in the UK and quarantine them.

The bill also allow public health officers to order someone believed to be infected to undergo screening and testing within 14 days

These measures will be enforced and fines exacted only if there is a risk of a serious and imminent threat to public health.

The Government says the new laws are intended to protect life and the nation’s public health.

A man was arrested and faces a £10,000 fine after failing to self-isolate in the Isle of Man on Thursday night.

Another man who claimed to have the coronavirus coughed on shop workers in an attempt to steal goods on Wednesday afternoon.

The Coronavirus Bill 2019-21 passed its first reading in the house of commons on Thursday and is expected to pass all its Commons stages on Monday.

The bill will then need to pass through the House of Lords and be given royal assent.

The bill states: “We assume the vast majority of people will comply with relevant public health advice. The policy aim of these provisions is to ensure that proportionate measures can be enforced if and when necessary.

“The proposals will provide public health officers, constables and (in some circumstances) immigration officers with the means to enforce sensible public health restrictions, including returning people to places that they have been required to stay.”

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