Petrified puppies found tied up by rope and dumped under railway bridge

Two young puppies have been found abandoned under a railway bridge in Stretford after they were tied up with rope and left there.

The dogs are male and female Cane Corsos and were believed to be about four months old upon being found.

A member of the public stumbled across the abandoned pair and retrieved some leads from her house so she could bring the puppies to safety, reported Manchester Evening News.

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The dogs who are extremely nervous following the incident were then collected by the RSPCA from the rescuer's home the following day.

From there the puppies have been taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to be neutered and re-homed.

Helen Chapman, an animal rescue officer at the RSPCA said: “We don’t know where these puppies have come from but we suspect they may have been abandoned by a breeder after failing to sell, or perhaps the owner couldn’t afford veterinary care or wasn’t prepared to get them neutered.

“We also can’t rule out the possibility that they were left here after being found by someone, although we think this is a less likely scenario.”

Helen also said the incident and unfamiliar surroundings had made the puppies nervous and they were lucky to be unharmed.

“They were both quite anxious little characters who didn’t look like they’d experienced much of the outside world, although of course it must have been a distressing experience for very young animals to be left in an unfamiliar and noisy environment.

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“It was extremely fortunate that they didn’t escape onto the busy road and get injured or cause an accident.”

The charity is now appealing to anyone who recognises the puppies, knows anyone who has bred the breed recently, or was in the area at the time, asking them to call 0300 123 8018.

The Cane Corso is a type of Italian mastiff and was originally bred to guard properties and hunt, but they are also bred to be loving and loyal which can make them ideal family pets.

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