Old couple slapped with ASBO after row over communal tea and biscuits

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    An elderly couple living in a retirement village were slapped with an ASBO following a dispute over who was consuming the communal tea and biscuits.

    But Andy and Maureen Williams have bitten back at the "pack of lies" from Waverley Borough Council and neighbours, saying that that they are in fact the victims, having trouble since 2018.

    Things have gone downhilll since at the facility in Cranleigh, Surrey, with Maureen, 73, involved in a verbal altercation with another resident after an issue arose about who was responsible for maintaining the communal gardens.

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    Soon afterwards, the couple reportedly received a phone call from a council official accusing Maureen of being rude to a neighbour.

    Andyy, 81, said that's what started the spiral into bedlam. "What a petty thing – it was two old women having a little tiff and you'd think World War Three had broken out. The ramifications of that were just unbelievable," he told Surrey Live.

    Andy believes another neighbour then made things worse by starting to gossip about them, and says on one occasion they were even reported to the site manager for a noise disturbance that was coming from a neighbouring flat.

    Andy and Maureen then had a solicitor issue cease and desist letters to those they believed to be involved in damaging their reputation.

    In May, they received a letter from the council, issuing them with a warning for antisocial behaviour.

    The letter said that the council had "received a range of reports from several different tenants, visitors and staff relating to the use of threats, swearing, shouting, inappropriate comments, and intimidation".

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    Andy in particular was accused of being "rude, shouting and swearing, making threats and unkind comments of a personal nature to more than one tenant".

    Andy said: "It's a load of nonsense. The only person I was rude to was the area manager who phoned up my wife and accused her, but I certainly didn't swear.

    "It's a pack of lies from start to finish and it's starting to affect Maureen mentally."

    The couple said they are considering a proposal that could see them transferred to a bungalow away from the site where they currently live.

    Waverley Borough Council said it does not comment on specific cases concerning tenants.


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