Obscene graffiti regularly spray-painted on ‘traumatised’ elderly couple’s home

A retired couple have become the target of 'disgusting' vandal attacks as their home has been spray-painted with explicit messages in a series of overnight criminal damages.

The married couple's home in Poole, Dorset was first targeted in an isolated incident, which saw their door spray-painted with the 'obscene' graffiti back in November.

But since then the vandals have been returning to target their home in Sterte regularly, spray-painting the property three times within a one-month period, with the latest vandal attack discovered early Wednesday morning (December 14), the Bournemouth Daily Echo reports.

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They report that 12 words were spray-painted on the couple's home, eight of which were "explicit with an overtly sexual tone."

The couple, who have lived in their home for three decades, are at a loss as to why they're now being targeted.

The male resident told the Bournemouth Echo: “We’ve been here for 30 years, we haven’t fallen out with anyone and we’ve always been okay with our neighbours so I don’t understand it.

“This time when I saw it I didn’t even bother reading the wording as I knew it would be horrible. It’s getting to the point now where we’re in bed at night thinking is there going to be more when we wake up.

“Personally, I think it’s a silly juvenile who thinks they’re very funny. It’s a deranged person and it’s somebody very local.”

He said that after speaking with police more CCTV is likely to be installed in the neighbourhood.

Nearby resident John Wilson also contacted the police about the vandalism, claiming the culprits were kids who had left the elderly couple 'traumatised'.

“I’ve lived here for about six years and have never seen anything like this. It is absolutely disgusting.

“We’re two weeks away from Christmas and elderly people are getting traumatised by kids. It’s not just them being childish, it’s targeted," he told the Bournemouth Echo.

He urged the police to take action, adding: "A lot of bad things are happening around here and nothing gets done. But this was one step too far and it really upset me. Something needs to change.”

Dorset Police have confirmed that they received reports about vandalism incidents on December 10 and 14.

In a statement posted to Facebook, they said: "Poole Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) are investigating a series of overnight criminal damages in the area of Sterte in Poole.

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"Two offences have occurred overnight on Saturday 10th and also Wednesday 14th December. A private home has been targeted. The latest offence on Wednesday occurred between midnight and 3am."

Police said that the words painted on the couple's home were 'so abhorrent' that they couldn't post them to social media.

The statement continued: "The context of the text is so abhorrent, it cannot be posted to read.

"The couple targeted are retired and have lived at this location for a considerable time, with no previous issue. They have no idea why they would be targeted in this way. Poole NPT are conducting a wide range of enquiries to try and identify those responsible."

Officers have urged local residents to report anything suspicious and said that they will be increasing patrols in the area, particularly overnight.

They added: "Whilst a description is gold standard, Officers can exercise their power of Section 1 PACE stop and search, if anyone is found in this vicinity around the time of a 999 call relating to this matter.

"Please keep an eye on your local community over this time. Especially as it's Christmas."


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