No-one noticed death of one of worlds richest 100 people with £42bn fortune

One of the "richest 100 people" in the world has died, leaving a £42billion fortune behind, and few appear to have noticed.

A Treasury Department filing in the United States that left the government body with an "estate and gift" net of £5.6billion ($7bn) means someone with a hefty fortune has passed away.

It marks the highest single-day collection for the Treasury since 2005, but also means one of the richest people walking the earth has shuffled off the mortal coil.

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That £5.6billion tax number was collected when someone worth £14.1bn heaved out their final breath, with the unnamed deceased as almost as wealthy as the likes of Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

An economist, John Ricco, was the first to spot the huge transfer of cash but initially believed it was a mistake.

It was no mistake, in fact, the Treasury confirmed as much and an IRS spokesperson said it was unlikely that the massive tax amount was due to a backlog.

All fingers point to the death of a rich and wealthy individual, who has not been named, with a Treasury spokesperson refusing to comment on who passed, citing privacy rules.

One economist believes that the money recently taxed and taken by the Treasury is a billionaire the Forbes 100 may have "missed", DailyMail reported.

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Gabriel Zucman, a University of California Berkeley economist added that it could have been a "large gift" or "delayed payment by some billionaire who died several years ago".

Whatever the case, it is more than likely that the massive sum was due to a billionaire's death, or a gift made from one billionaire to an heir or other individual.

Ray Madoff, a Boston College tax law professor, suggested that a large estate may have taken out a taxable gift to spare future taxation rates.

That £5.6billion tax would have worked out far less than the £7.9billion in tax the Treasury would have taken had the billionaire passed and the standard estate tax would have been used instead.

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